The latest approach to the Goat Pass on Program has come with a new hope for the beneficiaries of small livestock in the wards of Mansa district being implemented by the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS), with support from the SUN Program.
This approach involves linking the first beneficiary to the next on the list, the expecting beneficiary will be in touch with the person to give her the offspring after the goat has kindled and been weaned. This program has mainly targeted on women.
This approach is in opposition to the traditional way of waiting for the committee to inform you of the numbers to be passed on and there after look for beneficiaries, and as a result it never yielded good response as most beneficiaries would cheat. 
However, the new approach made the Ward Nutrition Coordinating Committees (WNCCs) through the volunteers and the would-be beneficiaries keep a close check on the progress of the goats in this situation.
The DCDO Ms. TikambenjiKasankha, said the approach had and would yield the desired results in that it made the beneficiaries responsible and answerable to the WNCC and the beneficiary they were going to pass on. 
She said the attained response of the pass on in Chilyapa ward was at 61.5 percent as some of the goats died during the distribution and after just being given to the first recipient, in the ward, 5 goats died while 4 were reported to have been stolen. 
"The number of off springs being passed on reduced because we could not pass on He-goats. Therefore, the total number of She-goats which were passed on was 16 out of the expected number which was 21 since the other 5 were He-goats," she said.
The Provincial coordinator Mr. Kabbila Fanwell encouraged the WNCCs to find people in the community who own He-goats and were willing to exchange with the She-goats, especially those who were in the business of selling and buying of goats in order for the passing on to take place
Mr Kabbila also suggested that the WNCCs would sell the He- goat and buy a She-goat then pass it on. 
Moreover, the DNCC has another approach which they want to explore and this involves the creation of multiplication centres in the communities and these will be run by women groups in the same areas.
 The women groups will raise and multiply the Goats, then after weaning the She-goats will be given to the identified beneficiaries on the lists.
This approach will improve the management of the small livestock as it will be easy for the Veterinary assistants in the wards to attend to the issues of animal health, it will also be easy for the women groups to take care of the flock.

The WNCC Chairperson Ms. Doreen Nalomba, narrated that, "attached to the Pass on we are witnessing today, was some positive emotions from one of the beneficiary Eness Mumba, who expressed her excitement through smiles as she is dumb and cannot speak. While on the other side it was sad as the son to one of the beneficiaries passing on the Goat could not easily let it go and cried terribly as he had some attachment to the animals from the time the Household received animals."
So far the total number of Goats passed on is 47, this exercise is on-going and it is hoped that the exercise is concluded in all the wards before the end of the year.


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