The Nutrition Sector in Zambia is currently preparing for a National Food and Nutrition Summit scheduled to take place from the 24th - 26th April 2018. The theme for this years gathering is:  Investing in Food and Nutrition for Accelerated National Development - Walk the talk.

Overall Objective: To translate increased political and multi-stakeholder will and commitment to food and nutrition security priorities into tangible measurable multi-sectoral actions for accelerated national development.

Specific Objectives:

  • To generate recommendations for strengthening the policy and regulatory environment for scaling up coordinated multi-sectoral food and nutrition interventions.
  • To increase awareness and commitments of high-level policy-makers in the fight against malnutrition.
  • Discuss and address the challenges affecting adoption of evidence-based practices that prioritise appropriate food and nutrition security actions and resources.

Expected Output: Consensus Statement for multi-sector scaling up of food and nutrition programmes and interventions at all levels

Summit Thematic areas

Theme 1:        Food and Nutrition governance and coordination (encompassing but not limited to dissemination of and advocacy for buy-in by all stakeholders of the 2017-2021 National Foodand Nutrition Strategic Plan and the phase 2 of First 1000 Most Critical Days Programme).

Theme 2:        Increase access to and utilisation of integrated nutrition services (encompassing but not limited to prioritising implementation of programmes and strategies that promote optimal maternal, infant and young child feeding practices in the context of First 1000 Most Critical Days).

Theme 3:        Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Nexus (encompassing but not limited to implementation of nutrition actions in existing agricultural policies, strategies and investment plans to ensure availability, stable access to and consumption of safediverse nutritious foods).

Theme 4:        Social Protection linkages with Food  and Nutrition Security (encompassing but not limited toincorporating nutrition objectives into existing social protection and safety net programmes for the poor and most vulnerable populations)

Theme 5:        Water, sanitation, and hygiene for improved nutrition outcomes (encompassing but not limited topromotion of increased access to and use of safe water supply and sanitation and the key hygiene practices).


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