Operational Units

In carrying out its functions, the NFNC operates through four technical units, other than the Accounts and administration units which support the operations.  The units include;  

  • Research and Planning Unit
  • Public Health and Community Nutrition Unit
  • Nutrition Education and Communications Unit and
  • Training and Collaboration Unit

Research and Planning Unit

  • Through surveys and other methods collect, analyse, interpret and disseminate nutrition and related data for decision making.
  • Define the nature, magnitude and causes of malnutrition and areas most affected and the vulnerable groups
  • In collaboration with other relevant organs, develop indicators for monitoring and evaluation of nutrition programmes
  • Develop plans and strategies relevant to improving the nutritional status of the vulnerable groups in collaboration with other relevant government sectors.
  • Maintain a food and nutrition data bank for Zambia.
  • Monitor the implementation of Food and Nutrition Policy

Public Health and Community Nutrition Unit

  • Coordinate implementation of public health activities by the nutrition sector.
  • Promotion of the micronutrient control programme.
  • Development of nutrition guidelines for various target groups and nutrition service providers.
  • Advocate for the inclusion nutrition in sector development plans
  • Provide technical backstopping on the implementation of nutrition programmes to key line ministries and other stakeholders.

Nutrition Education and Collaboration Unit

  • Collate nutrition information already existing from research and other sources and translate into nutrition education materials for general public, policy makers and nutrition service providers.
  • Create awareness and community interest in nutrition to the general public, through development and distribution of various Information Education and Communication Materials.
  • Develop and maintain up to date communication strategy.
  • Plan and organize nutrition education seminars and workshops.
  • Advocate for nutrition improvement to leaders and policy makers
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of communication messages and materials.
  • Maintain the Commission Library and ensure acquisition of relevant up to date publications.

Training and Collaboration Unit

  • Develop and review training methodologies and plans for different nutrition service providers.  
  • Organize training courses in nutrition for different target groups.
  • Collaborate with the Ministry of Education to review and include nutrition in the school curriculum.
  • Service an-inter sectoral committee to provide forum to foster inter sectoral collaboration.
  • Coordinate the activities of the nutrition groups.

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