Request for Quotations from Lusaka based Events Management Firm s
April 2021
The USAID-funded Scaling Up Nutrition learning and Evaluation (SUN LE) project requests quotations from
Lusaka based event management firms for organizing a virtual national conference in April 2021.
Scaling Up Nutrition learning and Evaluation (SUN LE) project aims to support Zambia’s Scaling Up Nutrition
(SUN 2.0) program and stakeholders with key information/ data to facilitate learning for improved program
management to achieve the reduction of stunting among children under the age of 2 years. The project
provides support for improving SUN 2.0 implementation processes, adaptive and participatory management,
and knowledge systems.
In collaboration with the National Nutrition and Food Commission (NFNC), SUN LE intends to convene a 3-
day virtual national dissemination conference in April 2021 to: share the findings of various SUN LE research
and information products. The conference will also provide a forum for sharing and documenting best
practices and lessons learnt from implementing nutrition programs in Zambia.
SUN LE is looking for experienced event organizers (firms) to support the planning and successful
implementation of the conference, under the leadership of the National Food and Nutrition Commission. The
conference is expected to have a minimum of 150 online participants. The conference will have one main
virtual room and 7 breakout rooms.
Scope of work
Before the Conference
1. Assist the SUN LE project and the conference planning committee, to prepare a costed conference
program, with key deliverables, responsible people, and timelines.
2. Develop a plan implementing and executing the conference using online facilities
3. Secure the booking for the venue where the conference coordination team will use to coordinate the
national conference and breakout rooms
4. Ensure online conferencing facilities are secured
5. Ensure all relevant technology is in place and it is setup for use during the conference
6. Manage RSVPS.
7. Support the conference planning committee to finalize the conference programme, including securing
speakers, getting abstracts for presentations, and securing presentations
8. Ensure conference materials are in place
9. Ensure identified speakers are kept informed and ensure their availability (the secretariat will handle
10. Provide weekly updates of to the conference planning committee around preparations for the
11. Recruit the documentation experts
During the Conference
12. Conduct registration of participants
13. Ensure all conference facilities and equipment are working well
14. Supervise the documentation expert
15. Oversee the smooth running of the entire event and quietly deal with any issues that arise in a calm
and professional way
After the Conference
16. Document the event and prepare a concise report summarizing the activities and any issues
experienced. and address all comments on the report and submit the Final report on time.
17. Documentation in photos and video
1. Workplan on how the consultant understand the assignment
2. Conference report
3. High quality recordings of all the proceedings of the conference
4. Live streaming of the event on the NFNC and SUN LE social media platforms (i.e., Twitter and
5. Conference report
1. Registered companies or groups of individuals eligible to operate/work in Zambia
2. At least two years of experience in events planning.
3. Prior experience in planning a conference involving use of online platforms or seminars is a MUST,
4. experience with GRZ regulations desirable
5. Possess or able to procure high quality communications and documentation equipment
6. Flexible, adoptable, pleasant and professional personality
The conference organizer will work with SUN LE learning and dissemination advisor and report to the Chief
of Party (SUN LE)
Tim e frame
7. The period of engagement will be between 1 March and 30 April, 2021
8. The deadline for receiving applications will be Thursday 19
th February 2021
9. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
How to apply:
1. Interested applicants are requested to submit an application via email to abanda@khulisa.co.zm
2. Application requirements.
a. A cover letter
b. CVs of lead personnel demonstrating skills and competencies required for the above described
c. A plan (proposal or strategy) on how the consultant expect to manage the tasks for the event
d. List of similar work accomplished with references in the past 3 years with at least 2 reports
submitted in the recent past